Cirkul Water Bottle – Ultimate Guide

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Do you always love to buy a water bottle from a well-reputed brand and are anxiously a brand-conscious person? What about trying the Cirkul Water bottle this time? If you are serious and concerned about your health, you would always like to get a water bottle full of minerals, energy, and freshness that may cheer up your mood even if it’s messy now. Give yourself a chance to choose a water bottle full of caffeine, Vitamins, and more electrolytes. You will get what you deserve.

Please find yourself home because I am going to give you a full review of cirkul water bottles in this guide. You will know everything about this water bottle brand from zero to a hundred. And I will help you decide why choosing Cirkul is always worth it. So, let’s get started!

About Cirkul Water Bottle Brand:

You might have heard about the Cirkul water bottle brand or might not. Because this one is completely new to many of us.

Today, being one of the best-selling water bottles and other items in the Walmart Home Department, Cirkul was invented in 2018.

The company came into being very recently and greatly impacted people’s minds by selling some extremely quality water bottles. It was launched first in Boston.

Then the company moved to Tampa Full Time. From there, it is known as a full Tampa Based company.

It was basically the dream of two former student-athletes. These famous names were Garret And Andy.

They didn’t like the idea of some current beverage options because they were frustrated and found them unhealthy.

Being the amazing athlete of their era, they found that proper hydration is a big problem. So, they decided to think of a plan to bring tasty, healthy, and good hydrated water free from that plain water which was a bit boring at their own times.

Therefore, it all states the brand’s importance and rise in this world. Today, they are very well known at many stores and selling markets.

But it’s just a bit from the ocean. Because you still need to know all the things that help you choose the Cirkul Water bottle. Please keep reading.

What’s The Ultimate Mission Of Cirkul Water Bottles For Its Customers?

At Cirkul, they have a fully professional team, a group of members belonging to diverse backgrounds.

They are there to share their passion for healthy living, purposes of unique kinds, and families. At work, Cirkul has full dedication and charm at delivering their devotion towards providing the healthiest, most convenient, and tastiest hydration better than others in the market.

So, they believe that the water you are going to fill your thirst with must not just be plain water. It should be tasty and reasonable for drinking.

Features Or Benefits Cirkul Water Bottle Is Offering In Its Products:

Like other water bottle brands in the market, Cirkul also ensures that whatever its customer gets should be qualitative, healthy, and provide full-time value for money.

In that regard, they believe in offering the healthiest water bottles with some unique features listed below.

Please look at what things you can find different with Cirkul Water Bottle.

Water Bottles Made With Variety Of Unique Flavors:

The first amazing thing you would find with the Cirkul water bottles is a wide variety of delicious water flavors.

It is up to you whether you want to choose the refreshing fruity blends. Or if you want to decide on rich coffees, tease, Peach mango Life Sip, and more.

You can taste Strawberry kiwi or eve Raspberry tea. You will be overwhelmed at deciding and making your choice.

The Healthiest Water Bottles:

Here, whatever water bottle flavors you get are made from natural ingredients. There is nothing like added colors or any dyes.

Enjoy the everlasting plain and delicious water anytime, anywhere.

Find Zero Calories With These Bottles:

To ensure that you always drink safe and healthy, these water bottles are made free of all sugar mixings and calories.

Every time the healthiest and most delicious hydration is ready for you to enjoy.

Better With More Intuitive Designs:

The water bottles made at Cirkul are easier to use and tested against all the excellent water quality standards. This makes you drink more and more water all the time.

Custom Selection:

At Cirkul Water Bottles, a customer fully controls building his own water bottle from scratch.

You have full control of the flavor you want to choose. So, it is up to you whether you want to dial upside or downside.

Convenient On Usage:

At Cirkul, you get water bottles with a built-in dial-up feature. So, what you have to do is just add the water to the bottle.

And after that, you need to turn the dial for 6 fill-ups. After doing that, your water with the most favorite flavor will be ready to go into your body.

Affordable Water Bottles For Everyone Out There:

A water bottle should always be priced so everyone can afford it. That’s the same thing happening at Circkul.

They produce some most economical water bottles for the range of everyone.

It means it doesn’t matter even if you have 20 bucks to buy a quality water bottle for yourself. You are going to get it if you have made yourself looking from the Cirkul Store.

With such a low budget, get 6 fill-ups while using the medium settings on water bottles.

More Eco-Friendly:

Rusty and local plastic are always harmful to your society as well as your environment. That’s why a water bottle must be made by keeping in mind the safety of the environment as well.

So, whatever water bottle you get at Cirkul will be free from any harm that can impact your environment.

Here, water bottles are made from 84% less plastic and 99% fewer carbon emissions from shipping.

Range Of Products You Can Find At Cirkul Water Bottles:

The most sophisticated reason for which Cirkul is known is the range of products it offers in water bottles. They sell water bottles of different sizes and styles.

Moreover, there are products named with additional Flavor Cartridges. You can use these flavors to make your drinking water tasty.

In that case, you can find the following range of products while looking for your specific choice for a water bottle at Cirkul.

CategoriesMaterials Mae FromCapacities For EachPrice Factor
BundlesPlastic Stainless Steel Metal22 ozBetween  25 to 40 USD depending on the size and range of the bundle, you will be getting
Water BottlesPlastic Stainless Steel Squeeze Water Bottles12 oz 22 oz 32 ozBetween 15 to 40 USD depending on the size, type, and range of water bottles you will be buying
Custom Water BottlesPlastic Stainless Steel12 Oz 32 OzBetween 22 to 40 USD depending on the size, type, and range of custom water bottle bundles
Gift CardsNANAFor gifts to the family members from 10 to 75 USD for different card set
BasicsMade with different materials, including different accessors such as Grips Chill Sleeve Sip Safe Water Filters with different packs Starter kit22 Oz 32 OzBetween 5 to 18 USD with the type of basic you are currently buying

All the above are products in the form of hard stuff available at Cirkul.

But in case you need to buy flavors to add to the water you are going to drink, please take a look at the ones given below.

CategoriesRange Of FlavorsBasic BenefitPrice Factor
LifeSipFruit Pinch Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon Peach Mango Coconut Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade(Stevia) Raspberry Lemond Sweat Tea and Lemon Lemonade Blueberry Cranberry Berry Pomegranate Mango Grapefruit  Enriched with essential B vitamins for health-centric sippers.  Each Costs 3.75 USD to add a different flavor to the water
FitSipWhite Cherry Mixed Berry Tropical Blast Orange Tangerine Lemon LimeContains electrolytes to help keep you in the game.  Each costs 3.75 USD to add a unique flavor to the water
GoSipStrawberry Watermelon Black Cherry Cherry Limeade Grape Green Apple BlackBerry Citrus Twist OrangeGives you a caffeinated kick when you’re running on empty.Each costs 3.75 USD to add a unique flavor to the water
PureSipPineapple (Unsweetened) Apple Peach Cucumber Lemon
Raspberry Pear Tangerine All are Unsweetened
Easily infused with all-natural flavor essences, with no added sweetness.  Each costs 3.75 USD to add a unique flavor to the water
TeaSipPeach Tea Raspberry TeaPremium teas infused with refreshing all-natural fruit flavors (including caffeine).  Each costs 3.75 USD to add a unique flavor to the water
BrwSipCaramel Iced Coffee Vanilla Iced Coffee Mocha Iced Coffee Classic Iced CoffeePremium iced coffee blends  Each costs 3.75 USD

What Materials Does Cirkul Use In The Production Of Water Bottles?

At cirkul, water bottles are made by keeping in mind the premium durability and excellent quality that must stay with the customer for a longer period.

They produce water bottles from a variety of materials. But the most prominent ones among all those are given as follows. Please have a look!

  • You can find water bottles made from Stainless Steel at Cirkul.
  • One can also find excellent plastic-made water bottles at Cirkul.
  • Water Bottles are also made using Glass or Different Metals.
  • Moreover, there are bottles of water made from squeezing plastic.

However, suppose you want to know more about the water bottles material and their complete product lifecycle. In that case, you can read the Water Bottle-Ultimate Guide.

It will reveal many important things to you about water bottles. In this way, your research would be comprehensive.

Are Cirkul Water Bottle BPA Free?

Yes, the Cirkul water bottle brand claims that they are using heavy-duty materials to produce water bottles that are completely free from bisphenol-A.

It means you will not find any mixing of BPA chemical into these water bottles and can fully trust them.

Because BPA is much more dangerous when you are sinking it inside your stomach with a low-quality made water bottle. But that’s not going to happen until and unless you make your purchase from Cirkul.

How To Prepare A Cirkul Water Bottle To Start Hydration With This Brand?

Cirkul water bottles are a bit different from the bottles you purchase from any other brands such as Lavohome or Contigo.

Because this brand offers you a collection of more than 40 unique flavors to add to your water and improve its taste quality.

Therefore, before you start taking the benefits of such tasty water, you will have to learn how to prepare its water bottle.

For this, you need three things and the following process. Have a look, please!

You should have;

  • A Cirkul Lid
  • A Water bottle from Cirkul
  • And a Flavor Cartridge

Once these things are confirmed, you must follow the following steps.

Fill Up The Water Bottle:

In this first step, you should fill the water bottle from Cirkul with pure drinking water. Once done, please attach the lid to the bottle.

Please take a look at the flavor cartridge and unwrap it. When this cartridge is open, insert it into the lid and tightly fasten it. To do that, the lid must turn in a clockwise direction.

Adjusting The Flavor Strength:

In this step, you need to adjust the maximum strength of flavor you want to enjoy through the water. It can be done by turning the dial given on the lid.

At first, give it a try on level 3. Besides, that cap needs to open and align with the fin given on the flavor dial.

After that, you have to press that cap towards the downside. Keep doing it until the strap is locked over the fin. Doing this will allow you to spout out of your way whenever you drink.

What If You Want More Flavor?

It is time to tip the bottle up and drink the tasty water. But just in case you desire to make this flavor more solid, you can turn up the dial towards a higher number.

Similarly, for mild flavor, it will be toward a low number.

For What Age Groups Does Cirkul Provides Water Bottles?

Not a specific type of age group, but Cirkul is ready to provide everyone out there with a water bottle.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, where you want to use this water bottle either on traveling, home, gym, or anywhere else.

The Cirkul make sure that everyone should have their water bottle to drink a tasty sip of water. In that case, they provide water bottles for the following people.

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Girls
  • Women
  • Men
  • Old Women and Men
  • For anyone, for everyone!

Where Can You Find Cirkul Water Bottles In The USA?

While living inside the USA, if you ever desire to buy a water bottle and a flavor from Cirkul, you need to know the exact store from where you can buy their products.

Cirkul is a reputed brand these days and can be found at multiple online or Physical Stores.

However, in case you need to know the exact locations to buy these water bottles, you can have cirkul products from the following locations precisely.

What Is Cirkul Water Bottle Starter Kit?

Do you have any idea about what a Cirkul Water Bottle Starter Kit is? Don’t worry even if you don’t have it because I am going to share it with you.

So, a Starter kit is basically an option or a combination of products offered by Cirkul. It includes the following things.

  • A 22 Oz plastic water bottle.
  • A comfort grip lid of blue color
  • 3 flavor cartridges

Such a kit can make drinking water easier, fun, delicious, and economical on a daily basis.

Does Cirkul Produce Reusable Water Bottles?

For sure, Cirkul is working just like those other awesome water bottle brands out there. They are producing some fantastic reusable water bottles for the need of everyone.

It means, whenever you need to buy one, you can easily find a relative choice at this problem.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, we have reviewed the Cirkul Water Bottle brand in this guide and tried to discuss all important aspects related to this water bottle brand. After reading this guide, I hope your understanding of the brand will be clearer. And the next time whenever you will think of buying from the Cirkul water brand, you will have an accurate idea of what they are producing? How are they producing it? And what are they selling basically? So, all these things will help you in making your choice easier.

I am glad I can still find you reading these last lines. And if you are reading, don’t forget to spread the word. Plus, please let me know your suggestions and queries. Because both are welcome. Hence, keep drinking healthy, tasty, and calories free water from cirkul and keep living a good life!


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