BPA-Free Water Jug Pump

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A water jug, jar, gallon bottle, or dispenser has a small opening and large volume to carry more water. They are often heavy lifting with hands and pouring water into a smaller unit. That’s why having a BPA-free water jug pump is essential so that you can easily take water outside the jug and fill another pot or small unit with the liquid that the water jug has. However, you need to ensure whether you are really buying a BPA-free water jug pump or not because that is compulsory.

So, please welcome reading about this water jug pump in this guide. I will share everything about it. Therefore, please keep reading!

What Is A BPA-Free Water Jug Pump?

A BPA-free water jug pump is usually a handy device to quickly turn out large size 3,4, and 5-gallon water jugs or bottles into a comfortable water dispenser.

This device could be an effective and most economical way of getting water out from those large BPA-free water jugs without hassles and facing the challenges of picking or arranging such water bottles.

This pump includes an easy-to-push water pump as well as a straw through which the water comes out.

You can remove this pump from the water jug and reinstall it for multiple times usage. In this way, you make a handy purchase, which becomes possible by spending a small amount of money!

How Does A BPA-Free Water Jug Pump Work?

The working mechanism of this BPA-Free water jug pump is easier to understand because it doesn’t contain anything technical in it.

Please have a look at the steps defining how a water jug pump works?

Joining The Water Pump’s Pipes:

Usually, a pump designed for a large jug or bottle of water to make it a dispenser comes with two or three pipes.

Such pipes are included to ensure that the ending tip of the pipe must reach the bottom of the water jug.

For this, if you see or have a water jug of a bigger size, you can combine them, and you are good with the first step.

However, remember to rinse these water pipes or tubes under the constant running water before using them.

Putting Your Pump Into The Water Bottle:

Once the tubes are fixed or connected, the next thing you are going to do is put the water pump into the water jug or bottle.

Take your 3 to 6 gallons water jug and install the pump.

Ensure The Right Fixing:

This step includes the right locking and perfect fixing of the nuts. Such fixing will automatically create a vacuum inside the jug and prevent slippage.

Using The Water Pump:

That BPA-Free water pump will have a head that you must press to start the water flowing. When you press the head, the water will start coming out from the tap.

You can fill your water cup or glass and drink it for profound perfection.

How Many Types Of BPA-Free Water Jug Pumps Are Available Out There?

BPA-Free water jug pumps come in a variety of sizes and with unique features for providing more versatilities and comforts in pouring water outside the jug.

Therefore, this depends on your most specific desires and which type of water pump you would consider buying.

Considering that, there are following types of water pumps one can look from if that person wants to buy.

  • Manual Water bottle Pump
  • Battery Powered Drinking water Pumps
  • Electrical water bottle Pump

What Are The Key Benefits Of Having A BPA-Free Water Jug Pump?

The key benefits of having a pump like this include the following:

  • Very easy and comfortable way of pouring water from a jug, or water bottle
  • Get innovation with different operations, including battery, manually, or electrical functions
  • Very economical and very handy
  • Converts your water bottle or jugs into the dispenser
  • Easy fitting for most water bottles

How To Know If A Water Jug Pump Is BPA-Free?

If you decide to get a BPA-Free water jug pump, you must understand how to find it.

There are some special types of markings, stamps, and keywords that one should keep in mind to make sure that your water jug pump is BPA-Free or not.

These stamps or markings are given as follows.

  • Find numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on your water pump, its box, or anywhere written. It is the indication of having a BPA-Free water pump.
  • Take a narrow look to find wordings like P.S., LDPE, PET, HDPE, and P.P, etc. All of these mean your water pitcher is made up BPA-Free materials.
  • If you find number 7 or Letter PC written on that water pump, it means that the water pump is not BPA-Free.
  • Moreover, if you find marking such as BSP or any other saying that water pump is totally BPA-Free, they are indeed not.
  • A better way to decide on buying a BPA-Free water jug pump is to ask the manufacturer directly about the materials he has used in producing that water pump.

How Do You Clean A Water Jug Pump By Yourself?

You should know that your water pump is not made to be used only once. It can be cleaned and reused several times if you want.

To clean that water pump you have, apply the following procedures.

  • First, you can use the fresh water to rinse it and use it again simply.
  • If the water pump has not been cleaned for a long while, try using soap or something.
  • However, for harsh and proper cleaning, ensure a solution of white vinegar mixed with water to clean that water pump.

What Materials Are BPA-Free To Ensure That Your Water Jug Pump Is BPA-Free?

Those high-end brands use quality materials and rigid plastic to ensure that those Bisphenol-A chemicals do not leach into the water you pour.

Therefore, the following could be the possible materials used to produce a BPA-Free water jug pump.

Top 3 Brands That Are Best For Selling BPA-Free Water Jug Pumps In The USA:

If you need to buy a BPA-Free water jug pump, you should only be directed to the brands that sell these pumps in the USA.

In this case, you can refer yourself to the following brands given in the table and make an excellent purchase.

BrandsDo They Sale BPA-Free Water Jug Pumps?Products They OfferCost For A Specific Water Jug Pump
DolphinYesDolphin Water PumpBottle SupporterBottle Handle  Between 30 to 70 USD depending on the size and type of that pump
VitapurYesSelling a Variety Of Products, including Water PumpsUp to 10 to 80 USD depending on the size and type of water pump
Tera PumpYesSelling a Variety of Products, including Water PumpsUp 20 to 90 USD depending on the size and type of water pump

Which BPA-Free Water Jug Pump Is Better To Choose?

Since you know that a water jug pump comes in three different forms: a manually operated one, an electrical one, and the one that works on a battery, in this case, there could be the following scenarios.

When You Need Manual Water Pump:

In case of emergencies, a manually operated water pump works well. So, you must choose it if you don’t wanna involve with battery charging or electrical connectivity.

When You Need Battery Powered Water Pump:

A battery-powered water pump brings more versatility because you will run it just by clicking on a button. However, it should be charged properly.

When You Need An Electrical Water Pump:

In case you cannot involve yourself with the manual operations of a water pump, you can choose an electrical water pump. It is easier to use and brings more comfort.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, a BPA-Free water jug pump is worth it because it can help you have a homemade water dispenser. Besides that, you can choose to easily pour water from those 3 to 6 gallons water bottles or jugs into smaller water units. Therefore, you should decide on a high-quality BPA-Free water pump to bring more convenience to your life. And I hope that this guide will help you decide what you need.

Moreover, you can read more guides on different water topics or water products we have on this website. Keep exploring and be easy in your daily lives. Have a good day!





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