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Written By John Roe Stephen

You should follow a specific path if you are off to purchase a TDS tester for your aquarium. That path differs from the usual TDS selection, as even the basics won’t work. For example, at your home, you can adjust the temperature as temperature differences may affect the TDS reading you take.

When it comes to an aquarium, you cannot do that. Also, there are more things you have to pay attention to when taking TDS readings. More importantly, it is about the lives of your loved pets.

The easiest way to eliminate such troubles is to purchase a TDS tester made explicitly for TDS testing at aquariums.

Here are 04 TDs testers for testing TDS at Aquariums.

Device NameFunctionsRecommended UseFeatures
JulyPanny TDS/pH/Temperature 3-in-1 testerpH, TDS, TemperatureOutside or touch work3-in-1 function for quick and accurate measurement; Auto calibration; High sensitivity glass probe; Clear pH readings
Extech EC400TDS, Salinity, TemperatureAquarium and water monitoringTemperature compensation; Self-calibration; Stores up to 15 labeled readings; Waterproof design
HYQELEO TDS MeterTDS, EC, TemperaturePools and aquariumsLarge range of 0-9990 ppm; Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature modes; Low power backlight; Red backlight warning
KULED PH Meter and TDS meterpH, TDSAquarium water quality checkAuto locking, display switching off, and auto-calibration; High accuracy and reliability; Affordable price

The JulyPanny TDS/pH/Temperature 3-in-1 tester

The JulyPanny TDS/pH/Temperature 3-in-1 tester is highly recommended for outside or touch work. The 3-in-1 function allows us to quickly measure pH, TDS, and temperature with the highest accuracy.

No matter what your Aquarium has what temperature, you will get the reading within seconds. Since there is a PH reading, you get a pretty clearer picture of the quality of water in the Aquarium.

The auto-calibration function is one of the JulyPanny TDS/pH/Temperature 3-in-1 tester’s features. You can calibrate the TDs tester within a few minutes, and you don’t have to screw any screwdrivers. The tester comes with a high-sensitivity glass probe, erasing the durability and accuracy at once.

The Extech EC400

The Extech EC400 is a user-friendly device that can easily measure water quality. Since the device can measure TDS, salinity, and temperature together, we can recommend it for Aquarium high-priority uses.

The device has temperature compensation as a feature, and you can get a higher accuracy than other standard TDS measuring equipment. Also, the Extech EC400 comes with in-built self-calibration features, which don’t require screw driving. One of the standout features of the Extech EC400 is its ability to store up to 15 labeled readings. That prevents the use of any paper-like stuff in the TDS monitoring.

The device is a waterproof design which makes it the ideal machine for swimming pools, aquariums, and aquaponic-like locations where the typical TDS devices may get harmed.


We recommend HYQELEO TDS Meter for the pools and aquariums, where the TDS meters must be moderately stronger.

The device has three-in-one test functions: TDS, EC, and temperature. That has made the device more sustainable for different settings. One of the primary light soft devices is its large range of 0-9990 ppm. Also, the device has two temperature reading modes (Celsius and Fahrenheit) which increase the accuracy.

The low-power backlight technology has been applied to the device, and it is highly contributing to saving power.

Also, there is a red backlight warning for non-potable water, which provides the earliest warning to the user. The device has the ability to lock its readings automatically within a few seconds. No matter whether you are outside or unable to see the reading clearly, eh device will hold it.

Is the Best Portable TDS Meter Also Suitable for Aquarium Use?

The best portable tds meter is indeed suitable for use in aquariums. It provides accurate measurements of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water, aiding in monitoring water quality. This versatile device is compact, easy to use, and ensures optimal conditions for aquatic life. Trust the best portable TDS meter for precise aquarium maintenance.

The KULED PH Meter and TDS meter

The KULED PH Meter and TDS meter is an exceptional 3-in-1 tools for checking the quality of the Aquarium’s water. You may get a better idea about the water quality with PH and TDs combined. The device has similar features to other devices, such as auto locking, display switching off, and auto-calibration. But the most important thing is its price. You get the most convenient for this device as a TDS tester that can tolerate harsh conditions while delivering accurate readings.  

The accuracy and reliability of the device are considerably higher than the typical TDS testers. It has an accuracy of ±0.01pH and 0.1% for the readings.

Final Thoughts

These TDS meters have the highest accuracy and more features than typical TDS meters used for testing water. Those positives will make a good combo to use these TDS meters at Aquarium Water testing. We enjoyed these devices and tested them for at least 04 weeks. If you have anything to clarify, please contact the relevant manufacturers.

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