9 most-Common Problems With zero water filter

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Failure of the water filter is easily noticeable with the drop of the water quality. Another way of finding the zero water filters problem is to look into the water’s smell. If the water feels terrible in taste and smell, the zero water filter might have contamination.

Why does my zero water filter keep clogging?

Clogging develops due to several reasons. One of the common reasons for clogging is the airlock in the water filter. The inside pressor reduces the water flow when the filter contains air trapped in the filtration process. As a result, less water will pass through the filter in the reservoir.

Top reasons why zero water filters keep clogging

Dirt and Dust particles

The water contains the tiny size of dirt and dust particles. When the water passes through the filter, these particles get trapped in the filters. Over the period, these little substances start building the layers and clog inside the filter. 

Hard water supply

Hard water is more common in some regions, especially in the village where the water is generally sourced from the ground reservoir. The water is not cleaned before sending it for household use. 

Hard water contains a large number of minerals, substances, and chemicals. When you use the hard water in the zero water filter, the membrane in the water filter gets stuck with a high quantity of dirt particles. Soon the filter fails due to clogging build-up.

Air trapped in the water filter.

It is the most common problem with the new filter. The dry filter contains the air bubble inside the filter. When you pour the water into the container, the water passes through the filter. In this process, the air trapped inside the filter becomes the barrier. 

The filter may send some amount of water from it, but it would not be efficient to use the water. A reduction in the water flow could result in a decrease in inefficiency. You need to remove the air from the filter to increase the flow and use the filter at maximum capacity.

Furthermore, during the cleaning, the air may enter the filter. It would create clogging inside the filter and affect the flow of water.

Excessive use

The zero filters come with the set usage. The clogging is built up every time the water passes through the filter. The more you use the filter, the more chance is the clogging will start developing inside the filter. The filter that is used excessively could become ineffective after some time. 

Therefore, before buying the zero water filter, ensure that you have a large enough filter to serve the entire family. A small size filter is suitable for a family of 2 to 3 people. You may need the large size filter if the members in your family grow above the set limit.

New Home Pipe

A new water connection could also lead to clogging in the water filter. When the new pipes are installed, there will be a significant amount of material trapped inside the line as the water flows and reaches the tap installed in the home. 

The water filter connected to the tap receives all the contamination. The water contamination might not be visible o the eye, but a tiny substance in the water will transfer through the water. These small leftover materials develop clodding in the filter and stop the water’s flow.

Development of the bacteria

Zero water filters need regular maintenance. Also, there is the proper way to handle the filters, such as pitchers and filters attached to the tap. When the filter is not in use, it should be stored in the refrigerator. 

Filter kept outside could create suitable conditions for the harmful bacteria to grow inside the filter. Moisture in the filter allows the bacteria and parasites to multiply.

They spread inside the filter as they grow, developing the hard surface on the membrane. The filter will clog and reduce the water flow as the contamination increases.

Is it safe to drink ZeroWater?

Yes. It is one of the biggest concerns of the water purifier managed by the zero water filter. The zero water filter removes harmful substances such as lead, mercury, asbestos from the water. You get clean and refreshing water from the Zerowater filter. 

Zero filters come with the five-stage filtration process. The water passes through each layer and removes maximum contamination found in the water. 

Virtually all the dissolved solids, chemicals, tiny particles, dust, and dirt particles are removed from the water. When the water reaches the bottom reservoir, the water will have pure and safe for drinking.

Drinking tap water directly could have various issues. It would be best if you had some safety for the drinking water. Indeed, any filter that reduces contamination is the best choice to clean your water. 

Drinking contaminated water too long could affect the health of the vital organs. Also, the damage that it produces makes it difficult for the person to recover.”

Why does my ZeroWater leak?

ZeroWater leaking problem occurs when the parts are not correctly assembled. Find the manual and read the installation guideline. Remove all the water, disassemble and assemble it again by following step y step guide. Another reason would be the broken O-Ring that causes the water to leak.

Incorrect assembly

Zerowater filter comes with different parts. When you buy the new filter, the parts are sent separately. It needs assembly. Generally, the assembly of the zero water filter is relatively easy.

The pitcher filters come with dispensers. It is a separate module that needs proper assembly before you use them. 

These parts are screwed together into one complete module that creates the water-resistance compartment. When everything is assembled, the water flows through the top container and the reservoir attached at the bottom.

Every section has to be appropriately aligned on top of each other. The small gap between the compartment would leak the water. Also, find the O-Rink in between the filter. 

If it is broken, you have to replace it with a new one. Along with that, find the broken pieces of plastic. See if there is any crack on the plastic container from where the water might be leaking.

Indeed, the broken pieces or gap between the two-compartment leaks the water. These are the two primary reasons why your zero water filter may fail.

Incorrect water pouring method

Zerowater pitcher has the cover of the lid on the top of the container. The compartment comes with a water dispenser mechanism. The cover should be properly sealed before you pour the water inside.

Else, the water will leak from the side. Excess water reached to the reservoir make it to leak continuously. 

As a rule of thumb, wait for the water to reach the reservoir from the filter. Do not overload the top container. The filter may take some time to push the water down.

To avoid spilling down, always fill the water to 90% of the container capacity. The narrow compartment near the filter makes it difficult to move the water fast. 

Also, filling it with 100% capacity could cause the water to reach the side of the filter and leak near the reservoir. You might think the water is leaking from the reservoir, but it is coming down from the top container.

Broken Spigot or Dispenser button

ZeroWater product contains a Spigot that helps the dispenser move the water into cups or mugs. When the Spigot gets damaged, the broken pieces will not stay close. Consequently, the water will start leaking from the side of the container. 

It will not create a watertight container. If you find the issue with the Spigot, immediately replace it with the new one. The leaking zero water filter is harmful for use. You should not use the filter until it is repaired.

Can you put zero water pitcher in the fridge?

Yes. The Zerowater filter should not be kept on the kitchen counter after using it. Store it in a cold place such as a refrigerator.

There are good reasons why the expert suggests water filter pictures must be stored in the fridge. The moisture in the filter allows the bacteria to multiply quickly. 

Reasons why you should not keep zero water pitcher on the counter

  • The clogging develops when the Zerowater filter is kept at the counter after use. The development of the bacteria causes clogging inside the filter.
  • Contamination reaches the water and makes it lethal for the person who drinks it.
  • Also, the filter runs out quickly when it is not stored in the refrigerator.

What is the O ring on the ZeroWater filter?

Connect two parts of the filter into a pitcher with the help of the O-ring. O-Ring is made of rubber material that provides waterproof sealing to the two parts of the container. It seals the to zero water filter parts and stays at the position.

Without using the O-Ring, the parts will have a gap from where the water will leak into the pitcher without filtration. It will contaminate the water in the reservoir.

Watch the below video to know more about the Zerowater filter functionality and understand what the filter can do when used in the house.

O-Ring prevents the water from leaking where the two parts are joint. The two compartments hold the water at the place. Also, the surrounding area around the filter should be sealed tightly. Otherwise, the water from the filter comes out easily and reaches the attached reservoir. 

Leakage will contaminate the water and affect the overall water condition in the filter. The filter will be of no use after the O-Ring is failed.

It would be best if you replaced the O-Ring as soon as possible to avoid it becoming the reason for the dirty water.

Does ZeroWater filter remove E coli?

No. The E Coli bacteria grows in the intestines. They are generally found in the guts of the animals. E Coli reaches the drinking water and affects the health of the person who drinks the contaminated water.

The ZeroWater filter is helpful to remove common contamination, but when it comes to removing E Coli from the water, the ZeroWater fails drastically. 

UV disinfection is the standard method to remove E Coli from the drinking water. The UV rays kill the harmful bacteria while the water passes through under it. 

What is the pH of ZeroWater?

ZeroWater offers the pH level of the water around 7.75. It is the ideal condition for drinking water. A sufficient amount of pH level keeps you hydrated. It is estimated that the pH level in the drinking water should range between 6.5 to 8. Above that, the water is considered contaminated. 

The pH level plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the water. The pH level going up and reduced at a significant value could affect the person’s health. The independent study done by the Aqualab Zuid shows that the pH level in the tap water range between 7 to 7.76. 

Also, the same study done for the water filter from the ZeroWater provides a pH level of 7.75, which is considered perfect for the drinking water category.

When you purchase the water filter for your home, it is always advisable to check the pH level that it offers. The water purifier manufacturer mentions the pH level on the packaging box. Also, it will be highlighted in the specification of the product. 

The pH level of the water tells the complete story about the effectiveness of the water purifier. Using the right equipment, you can reduce the pH level of the drinking water and supply healthy water to your family. 

Drinking tap water directly would have a lethal impact on your health. The pH level in the tap water is mainly recorded above 8, which is high compared to the standard rating for the drinking water. Therefore, you should maintain the water quality to the moderated condition to avoid any negative impact on the water.

Do unused ZeroWater filters expire?

No. the ZeroWater filter comes with airtight sealed that do not allow air or water to enter the internal compartment of the ZeroWater filter.

Also, it is safely packed to avoid moisture from getting trapped inside during changing weather conditions. Thus, the Unused ZeroWater filter lasts for a lifetime if not opened.

Once the ZeroWater filter packaging is opened, the humidity in the air enters the internal compartment of the filter. Significantly, the core filter where the water is gets cleaned gets contaminated. The bacteria found in the humid air get trapped inside the filter. 

Water filter from the ZeroWater generates the contaminated water, eventually reaching the bottom reservoir. As soon as they build their base inside, the water filter becomes less effective. The dark place in the filter provides suitable conditions for the viruses and parasites to multiple. 

Drinking dirty water is harmful to health. It could develop serious health issues. And in the worst condition, the contaminated water causes damage to the vital organs.

Therefore, you should not plan to use the Zerowater filter after it is bought from the story. Please do not open it until you decide to use it regularly. Once the water is passed through the filter, the internal compartment gets wet. 

The moisture will allow the bacteria to develop even after making it completely dry. After the first use, store the filter in the refrigerator to prevent bacteria from growing inside the water. 

How can I make my ZeroWater filter last longer?

Proper maintenance could allow you to extend the life of the ZeroWater filter. The filter will last longer and offer you pure water for drinking at no additional cost. You can save money on the replacement of the cartridge.

Follow these steps to improve the filter’s efficiency and extend its use.

  • Place the ZeroWater filter into the cold storage room, such as the refrigerator. The bacteria trapped inside the filter will get killed due to a drop in the temperature. The cold temperature does not allow the bacteria to grow.
  • Do not keep the water filter near the window. The sunlight creates a suitable condition inside the filter when heated up. The heat creates humid conditions inside the filter, perfect for the bacteria to multiply and grow their community.
  • Do not use the hard water in the ZeroWater filter. The complex ward contains a significant amount of contamination. The filter will not last long if you continue using the hard water in the water purifier.
  • Use the mesh with the tiny membrane to filter the particles and dirt before pouring the water into the Zerowater filter. You will easily find small devices that you can attach directly to the tap water. They remove the tiny particles and do not allow them to enter the Zerowater filter.
  • The tiny particles create clogging when they are passed through the filter. Once they are locked inside the filter, you cannot remove them. You have to replace the entire filter to get the water quality back to normal.

If you follow all these methods, the zero water filter will last longer without any trouble. A simple cleaning method will prove any contamination to build up inside. You will have long-lasting effects on the ZeroWater filter.

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