Zero Water TDS Meter Battery Replacement

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter must have been a valuable tool for finding the purity of the water you consume. The ease of use, accuracy, and quick result serving must have been the benefits you enjoy the most.

As you already know, it is an electronic device that may require electric energy to run. Its battery must be replaced at a certain point.

When to change the TDS meter battery?

When the TDS meter is not holding power or functioning properly, it is recommended to replace the battery. You can assume the battery has drained by observing 000 in tap water.

Also, the blinking batteries, corroded batteries, and passing 1-2 years of consumption are the signs. But, you must ensure the battery has drained through a “restarting Function.” 

How to know if the TDS meter battery is dead?

TDS Meter with dead battery

Even if you get 000 continuously after testing tap water or dirty water, it is recommended to conduct some troubleshooting steps before the battery replacement.

After trying one of the below steps, you must test the water. If the value is not 000 in tap water, you can assume you can use the batteries further.

You can commence a quick restart to know if the batteries have drained completely.

Turn the meter on and remove and then reinsert the short blue battery cap at the end of the meter (You can easily remove this part using a butter knife or a flathead screw drive)

How long can I use the TDS batteries?

How long can the TDS batteries last? Discover the lifespan of your power source
TDS Meter with newly replace batteries

Usually, the two LR44 button cell batteries can hold up to 1-2 years. But, the particular duration depends on the frequency you use the device. 

However, your device’s battery might have drained sooner than you assume. One of the most common issues associated with quick battery draining is the corroded battery. Due to environmental and material issues, the corrosive matter may deposit on the battery. 

Note: Users had complained about the corroded batteries and the battery casing when they ignored the corroding. Therefore, you must remove the corroded batteries as soon as you observe them. 

How to conduct zero water TDS meter battery replacement?

You can follow the simple steps below to replace the TDS meter batteries.

  1. Find LR44 alkaline batteries, which are rechargeable or standard batteries
  2. Turn Off the zero water TDS meter
  3. Remove the top of the meter using a flat head small screwdriver
  4. Take the battery casing out of the meter
  5. Tale the LR44 batteries out of the casing and replace them with the new batteries.

step one replace the TDS meter batteries
step one replace the TDS meter batteries

step two replace the TDS meter batteries
step two replace the TDS meter batteries

step three replace the TDS meter batteries
step three replace the TDS meter batteries

Note: You must Align the positive ends of the new replacement batteries. Also, they must be pointed to the left)

Push the battery casing back into the matter (You will hear a pop-up notice after doing so)

Note: In some cases, users happened to deal with corroded casings and batteries. They had happened to request a new device after claiming the warranty.  

What Type of Battery Should I Use to Replace the Zero Water TDS Meter Battery?

When searching for the right battery to replace your Zero Water TDS meter’s battery, it’s essential to optimize your tds tester battery for accurate readings. Choosing a high-quality, long-lasting battery will ensure consistent performance and reliable TDS measurements. Consider researching compatible options or consulting the device’s user manual for specific recommendations.

How to change the batteries of the light-up indicator?

As one of the oldest Zerowater TDS indicators, the light-up indicator had some complex steps to replace the batteries. 

It involved, 

  • Pushing the circuit board out of the meter
  • Locating the batteries assembled in the middle of the circuit board
  • Replacing the batteries
  • Pushing the circuit board into the meter again

How to change the batteries of the light-up indicator
Oldest Zerowater TDS indicator batteries changing

Note: If you are one of the Zerowater light-up indicator owners, you don’t have to follow these steps. As the manufacturing of the Zerowater light-up indicator has been stopped, you can ask for a digital meter at 800-503-2939. 


Replacing the batteries in certain intervals is essential as it is bonded with water quality. If you have any suspicion about the accuracy of the data, you must contact ZeroWater customer service

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