Will Bottled Water Freeze In Garage ? (Explained)

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From one of the best places, people like to keep beverages, water, and other liquids in their garages. However, sometimes, we often ask ourselves the question, will bottled water freeze in the garage or not? Like, if it gets frozen, you may not be able to use it at the same moment and time period.

Will Bottle Water Really Freeze In The Garage Refrigerator?

That’s the very rare idea of not having a refrigerator in the garage and keeping some cold beverages over there because we all have that in our house.

But, sometimes, we even get concerned and confused about whether placing a water bottle inside this refrigerator will get frozen or stay normal. And guess what? The answer is very simple.

When you place a water bottle inside a garage refrigerator, it will never get frozen. Until and unless you put it in a corner where it is lonely and all the coldness of the fridge is affecting or showering on it. Because at that time, the ice-making process of the fridge will be at its peak, and your water bottle will get frozen.

In that case, you must consider mixing up these bottles and setting the refrigerator reading at a normal setting so that it should be able to run at a standard speed.

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For What Reasons A Water Bottle May Get Frozen In The Garage Fridge?

In any case, if a water bottle has gone frozen, there can be two reasons for this happening. Please have a look.

Water Bottle Placed In A Colder Corner:

As stated earlier, the main reason for a water bottle freezing in a refrigerator is that you might have placed it in a colder corner of the fridge.

It can even blow up sometimes. Because for that reason, you might have set the refrigerator at the right freezing point for all the water or beverages placed inside.

And if this happens, the one bottle could just blow up. However, the other may blow when they are above the freezing point.

If The Bottles Are Smooth:

Sometimes, the water inside a bottle is filtered out and cleared to the maximum level. It could be so pure, and the bottles may be very smooth at that moment.

When this happens, a single bottle may get slightly colder than the others. This causes it to get frozen no matter how good the temperature is set inside a refrigerator.

Water Bottles Having More Quantity Of Minerals:

Suppose that the water bottle is not distilled water. Rather it is the one having more quantity of minerals in it; it is likely to have more gases dissolved.

When such water is placed in a colder space of the refrigerator, it starts freezing out.

Because the gasses start dissolving, your bottle will start freezing heavily as long as the temperature goes towards the colder side.

The Atmospheric Air Pressure:

Another reason for water bottles freezing up is the atmospheric air pressure. It is a fact that sometimes or in most cases, there is any unfilled space when these bottles are manufactured as well as filled and sealed out.

This process can also play a vital role in freezing a water bottle inside the garage refrigerator.

Such a process will define the ultimate Glass Transition Temperature at which the cleaned and superiorly filtered water turns into super cold water. From there, the water gets frozen.

Why Should You Keep A Water Bottle Inside Your Garage Refrigerator?

You can keep a water bottle in any fridge you have in the house. It may include placing it in the main kitchen refrigerator, the fridge available in the main corridor, or inside the basement or garage.

Because where other beverages or soda cans can hold up space, why not a water bottle as well?

However, we usually need water when we are in the main house. And when we are in the garage, it could be a beer, a soda, or a can of any beverage like coca cola or Pepsi.

But some people do like to keep a stack of water bottles as sometimes; water is the best beverage you might want to enjoy when you are working or cleaning your car in the garage.

That’s why most people like me or you like to keep water bottles inside the fridge, which we already have dedicated to our garage.

Is It Safe To Put A Water Bottle In Your Garage Refrigerator?

As far as the safety of keeping water bottles in the garage is concerned, there is nothing wrong with it.

According to many bottle manufacturers, it doesn’t matter how high-quality plastic is used in manufacturing that water bottle; it shall not be under direct sunlight.

Because when bottled water in a plastic bottle is placed under direct heat or sunlight, it will start melting (the plastic itself).

This thing adds chemicals to water and contaminates its quality which can be unhealthy for your body.

Therefore, the best place to put a water bottle is the fridge or any other cold place to keep it fresh and ready to use.

And it can also be your garage refrigerator, so picking up a chilled and a fresh bottle of water while running to the office in your car might not be troublesome.

Is A Frozen Water Bottle Dangerous Inside The Fridge?

No, it is not dangerous at all. That’s because even if it gets frozen, it will still be in the same corner.

And you may not like to keep it out from your garage fridge because you cannot drink it.

However, the possible things you can do with that frozen water bottle include the following.

Take that water bottle out and put it under room temperature. It will take a little while until it returns to its original shape.

  • You can pour that ice out of the bottle and convert it into cubes. At that moment, you can use it to mix it into the water.
  • That water bottle that has gone frozen can be mixed with others to get it back into its original shape.
  • You can also turn off your refrigerator if you know that the fridge already has enough cooling inside it.

Through these ways, you can take care of that frozen water bottle you have seen inside your garage refrigerator.

After How Long Does A Water Bottle May Get Frozen In A Garage Or Any Standard Refrigerator?

Usually, it takes up to 3 hours in most cases if you have set the refrigerator reading at its most level to make things colder.

Because the liquid goes to its own freezing point first, then it removes or releases much energy while the temperature remains the same.

When this keeps happening, a point will come when the temperature will itself start going down. You can refer to the below-given graph for a better understanding of this concept.

liquid freezing point

Image source: It is Represented by A famous Quora Answers Expert, Dan Staveley.

From the graph, it can be seen that the freezing of water liquid or any other liquid will depend on several things. It includes,

  • The shape of the container, such as a water bottle
  • The initial temperature
  • The temperature of the freezer
  • Purity of the water

Hence, if the water already has a little cooling, it will start moving towards the freezing side faster.

How Do You Prevent Freezing Of A Water Bottle In Garage?

We think water squeezes when it gets colder or towards freezing. But that’s not really the case.

Actually, water starts expanding. And it can even expand by the volume of ~10% when it starts freezing. However, you can prevent this thing from happening.

The way I do it is that I usually eyeball at least 15-20 percent of the airspace. This shall be a hollow space in the containers so that it shall not expand such long as it gets difficult to get that ice out of the water bottle.

But when there is space in the container, everything will work just fine, and the container will not expand much!

How Long Will Bottle Water Last In Garage Storage?

According to the USA Food And Drug Administration, the life of bottled water is up to 2 years. Therefore, it can last up to 2 years in storage.

However, the water does not really require a shelf life to be listed. But over a long period of time, due to plastic degradation, it may get spoiled and not even worth drinking.

How Does Storing Bottled Water In Hot Garage Work?

In any extremely hot garage, you should always opt for the option of having a cooler or a refrigerator that will keep your bottled water stored and preserved.

You can try on these things to keep the bottled water stored in a hot garage. Because if it is placed otherwise as not in any cold space, the plastic will start losing its value.

And it will start affecting the water quality itself. So, having a refrigerator in the garage is always a better idea.

What Is The Bottled Water Storage Temperature?

The bottled water storage temperature must be up to 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The water will remain cool, unspoiled, and healthy at this temperature.

You can pick a bottle out and drink some sips of fresh, clean water from it. That’s the real happiness you will enjoy.

At What Temperature Does The Bottled Water Will Start Freezing?

If one can have an idea of the least temperature at which the bottled water starts freezing out, one can find ways not to let that happen.

In fact, if there is a standard 16.9 ounces bottle of water and you have placed it inside the refrigerator for almost 30 to 45 minutes, it will start freezing.

For that, the temperature will likely drop to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the bottle will start freezing.

However, this bottled water can even go frozen fast if the temperature goes below this level.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your refrigerator at the optimal temperature so that it should not freeze out!

Will Water Bottle Freezing In Garage Refrigerator Result In An Explosion?

Often you’ve heard that frozen water bottles result in an explosion. It is not always the same, but it does happen sometimes.

But why does such a thing happen? The reason is when water turns into ice or starts freezing out; it starts expanding inside the water bottle.

This expansion starts taking more space which is crucial because there may not be any space in a water bottle if it is full of water.

Believe that when all the water in a garage refrigerator placed water bottle turns into ice, there might be an explosion.

However, to prevent this, you should half-fill the water bottles before placing them inside your garage refrigerator. But at that moment, there will be higher chances of their freezing no matter what.

Will An Unopened Bottle Of Water Freeze In The Garage?

If you will just place the sealed, packed, and unopened bottle of water in your garage refrigerator, it may or may not freeze.

There can be two situations freezing and not freezing. Please have a look!

Reason For Freezing:

  • If it is a water bottle with pure water, it will freeze due to the extra dissolved minerals inside it.
  • The water bottle will also freeze if you have placed it in a cold corner or if it is alone.
  • There are higher chances of freezing when the refrigerator temperature has gone extremely low, and it’s been a while since the bottle was inside.

Reason For Not Freezing:

  • The bottled water will not freeze if you’ve placed it evenly and mixed it with other liquids.
  • If the freezer is running at a standard temperature.

Which Bottled Water Does Not Freeze In Garage?

Most likely, the purest and most highly filtered water bottles freeze in a garage refrigerator or any other.

However, as explained above, there can be many reasons for freezing water bottles in the garage. But the most prominent one could be having or purchasing a water bottle with distilled water.

Distilled water doesn’t contain all those minerals and positive sides of health. Therefore, there is likely a chance for them to freeze earlier than pure and mineral water bottles.

Moreover, a few types of water bottles don’t freeze inside a refrigerator or in a garage freezer. Please have a look!

In Case If It Is A Supercooled Water Bottle:

Some water bottles are considered Supercooled because they are already drawn to the least freezing temperature.

Whatever the temperature inside the fridge, these water bottles will stay the same and will not freeze.

Heavily Filtered Water Bottles:

If you have a heavily filtered water bottle, it will not freeze inside the refrigerator. Because at that moment, all impurities would have been removed, and water would be fully purified.

If Some Chemicals Are Added:

The water bottles with some added chemicals to prevent freezing at a certain temperature inside the freezer or a garage refrigerator will also not freeze.

Why Doesn’t Dasani Water Freeze In Garage?

If you doubt Dasani water doesn’t freeze, you should watch the video below because it does and gets super cool naturally.

Please have a look at how this happens.


Why Does Fiji Water Not Freeze In Garage Refrigerator?

Water bottles containing water inside Fiji may not freeze because of the dissolution of some specific chemicals.

These chemicals are added to keep the water bottles from Fiji from freezing to the last point.

However, these can go supercooled to the desired coldness you want for your water bottle.

Learn more about Fiji water bottles not freezing in the below video.

At What Temperature Does Plastic Leach Into Water?

At the temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and more, the plastic starts leaching into the water. It doesn’t matter with which quality plastic a water bottle is made.

But suppose it will not be kept at a certain colder temperature. In that case, there are chances that water quality might get affected by the rising temperature.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I hope that if you have reached this point in the article, you’ve got your answer about will bottled water will freeze in the garage. Moreover, I also hope you’ve got much relevant information related to the query. But if you have anything else to ask, please let me know.

However, thanks for being here today and becoming a part of my conversation. Have a great day!


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