Will A Plastic Water Bottle Explode On A Plane?

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Written By John Roe Stephen

People love to carry their water bottles anywhere they go. Because it gives them the best chance of staying hydrated and fuller with energy as well as always on the go. But having a plastic water bottle with you may make you think about its safety inside the plane, and you might be asking, will a plastic water bottle explode on a plane? That’s a sure thing that we stay in doubt about a lot of things. And as far as plastic has many myths about it, you might also be concerned about bringing it with you on the plane.

In case anything like that has brought you to this post, I will clear your doubts and provide you with a reasonable answer. Please keep reading till the end, and let’s see how it goes.

Will A Plastic Water Bottle Really Explode On A Plane?

Whenever you are on a plane, you are stopped from carrying plastic water bottles onto it. Because there is a huge risk of their exploding.

That’s because of the atmospheric pressure of water bottles observed in the plane. When you are in the air in a plane, you will see that the air pressure changes.

This happens in the aircraft’s cabin, which expands the gasses. This reaction also happens inside that plastic water bottle you are keeping with yourself.

If that water bottle is less full with water, there will be more air inside the water bottle. After this, when the air expands, such a reaction ruptures that water container or plastic water bottle.

This ultimately causes sticky explosionsj with that water bottle which many people are familiar with, and most flyers know that this happens unusually.

Will Bottled Soda Explode In Checked Luggage?

There are myths that bottled soda will explode inside the checked luggage if you can even successfully take it to your plane.

Is that true? Yes, there can be a lot of reasons when they may explode and when they may not.

That totally depends on what you are carrying and how it is handled or managed on the plane? These reasons are as follows.

When There Are Higher Chances Of Bottled Soda Explosion:

  • In most cases, bottled sodas get explode not because of different air pressure in the air. But it is because these bottles may not handle or carried carefully on the plane.
  • This would ruin your other luggage after the explosion of these bottled sodas.
  • Sometimes, an overweighting of the bottles inside a checked luggage or any other luggage may cause an explosion.
  • Moreover, when there is too much shaking on the plane with these bottled sodas, they can explode because the gas pressure inside water bottles will expand, causing them to explode.

When There Are Low Chances Of Bottled Soda Explosion In Checked Luggage:

  • They will not explode at all if they are backpacked and arranged effectively. That’s because improper placement is the worst cause of the explosion of these water bottles.
  • In case you are unsure that they will explode, you need to keep these bottled sodas in plastic zip-lock freezer bags. Such a thing offers great protection for these water bottles from leaking.
  • Pack them extra carefully in double or triple bags if you don’t want them leaked or exploding on the flying plane.

Can We Carry Water Bottles In Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can carry water bottles inside checked bags if you are taking any. It depends on those specific rules and regulations that a specific type of airport authority allows or recommends.

But in all cases, according to the TSA, one can bring an empty plastic water bottle with you on the plane.

You can keep it in your checked bag, or it can be stowed inside your carry-on baggage.

So, bringing a plastic water bottle on a plane inside your checked luggage is totally easy.

Read more about plastic water bottles in the pastic water bottle-buyer guide we have already published for you.

It will provide you more information than you might be looking for!

How To Keep Liquids From Exploding On A Plane?

There are some specific ways or preventions that may help you keep those liquids from exploding on a plane.

You can apply any of them and ensure that whatever liquid you carry should be leak-free, safe, and protected.

Please look at some specific methods that help you keep your liquids safe from exploding on a flying plane.

Prevent Liquids From Exploding By Using Plastic Wrapping:

The first thing you can do to prevent your liquids from exploding is the usage of plastic wrapping. This kind of wrapping will prove itself best at keeping the interior of your bag always free from toiletry gunk.

  • For this, you have to do the following things.
  • At first, remove the cap of that liquid bottle and unscrew it completely.
  • After that, you can use a layer of plastic warping to put over the top side of the plastic water bottle.
  • Again, place or screw the cap of the water bottle over the bottle.
  • If you have done this, you should be sure that your water bottle will stay safe from experiencing all types of leakages.

These kinds of leakages happen when the lid of your water bottle gets loose or, for any reason, it starts coming off quickly.

The best thing about this plastic wrapping is that such plastic doesn’t really prevent that water bottle from getting sealed up tightly. Hence, this will result in keeping the rest luggage dry and leakage free.

Get The Extra Air Removed From The Bottles To Safe Preventing:

You have read that the explosions of these water bottles are a significant cause of more air present in those bottles containing liquids. Therefore, you can minimize such risk of explosion if you remove all air from the liquid bottles before these bottles get to the boarding.

  • Please give them a gentle squeezing to your water bottle to remove the air inside it in case you have a collapsible water bottle.
  • Add more liquid to these liquid containers or bottles in order to make sure that there should be no space for extra air. And there shall be no excuse left behind that may result in an explosion of the water bottles.
  • However, if you have made a plan to come back to your home and those water bottles or liquid containers are totally empty, just throw them away. It is better than keeping these water bottles with yourself as this will eventually risk an explosion.

Is It Possible For You To Carry A Stainless Steel Water Bottle On A Plane?

As long as you have an empty stainless steel reusable water bottle that has been gone and checked through the security point, you are completely good to go.

Therefore, it is totally allowed to carry stainless steel water bottles, the empty ones with you on the plane.

Because you will not find anywhere on the official website of TSA recommending certain types of water bottles made with specific materials to bring and not to bring.

Will Red Bull Explode On A Plane?

No, a red bull or any other carbonated energy drink will not explode on the plane. We see many people carrying these cans or sodas with them when they head towards the plane seat.

Therefore, they are totally allowed and will not explode at all.

Will Kombucha Explode On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring the Kombucha on a plane with you. Because this thing is sure, the pressure effect with Kombucha would be okay.

However, the airport authorities might not allow you to keep or carry such liquid in a simple carry one. Therefore, one can always pack it inside checked luggage or bag.

At that time, always be sure to wrap this liquid up with the lowest layers of zipper bags. That would be just fine.

Final Thoughts:

So, will a plastic water bottle explode on a plane, or will it stay as it is? That totally depends on how much air inside that water bottle is. In case you want to prevent an explosion, you must always completely fill the water bottle. There shall be no room for air. This will keep it safe from exploding.

In the end, let me know about your queries and confusion. Travel safely and drink healthy water! Have a safe journey!





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