Which Bottled Water Has Fluoride ?

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Like other minerals in bottled water like Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, etc., fluoride does have importance. It gives life to your teeth and promotes oral health problems. However, what type of bottled water has fluoride and what not, we are not really sure while buying. Keep looking because I’ll tell you which bottled water has fluoride and which does not.

What Is Fluoride And Why Is It Important In Bottled Water?

According to the CDC Govt report, Fluoride is a special type of chemical or mineral added to water bottles that improve water quality.

It helps the drinker with tooth decay problems and several other teeth problem symptoms.

When you keep drinking bottled water with less fluoride, your teeth are getting affected, and they are not actually receiving the nutrition and mineral support that keeps them strong.

Bottled water, when naturally produced, has enough quantity of fluoride, or it is filtered at plants.

When water is filtered, bottled water manufacturers ensure to add fluoride to their water to improve its taste, health, and freshness.

That’s why fluoride has great importance in bottled water.

Which Bottled Water Has Fluoride In It?

Now, the problem is that we don’t know whether bottled water has fluoride.

And we also don’t know if the brand has fluoride mixed in the water.

But don’t worry, I’ve researched and done that homework for you. In short,

Not many water bottles have fluoride content in them. But water bottles from brands like Aquafina, Ozarka, Evian, Poland Springs, Crystal Geyser, Lifewtr, Dasani, and propel fitness water have a good quantity of fluoride. These brands have labels or information on the water bottles that helps the customer find if that water has fluoride.

Hence, some of the most famous bottled water manufacturing companies give you water with fluoride addition.

You should always check the label of a water bottle to find what type of ingredients it contains.

That information would also be necessary to find the possibility and right amount of fluoride in that water.

List Of Bottled Water With Fluoride In 2022:

Indeed, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in water. But only specific or some highly famous water bottle manufacturing companies ensure this thing.

Therefore, in 2022, if you want to find a bottle of water having fluoride in it, you should refer to the following bottled water manufacturing companies. Please have a look!

Bottled Water With FluorideFluoride Capacity In Each Bottle (ppm)
Poland Springs0.10
Crystal Geyser0.24
Just water0.2
Deer Park0.10
Propel Fitness Water0.02
Ozarka0.05 mg/L

So, these well-known brands in the USA have fluoride mixed in the bottles of water they produce and sell to the customer.

You can also check their websites to find out whether they claim this thing or not.

Does Spring Bottled Water Have Fluoride In It?

Water being sourced or taken from Natural Underground Sources such as springs usually has a higher and accepted quantity of Fluoride.

The reason is that such water is already full of minerals. In the same minerals, you can also find Fluoride.

According to recent research conducted by the National Library Of Medicine, they have found that water taken from springs or Artesian wells and packed in bottles has a fluoride content of almost 0.08 pm.

It shows us that spring water has fluoride, which is safe and comfortable to drink for most people.

Does Purified Bottled Water Have Fluoride In It?

The main source of Purified water is usually tap water coming through the Municipal water corporation in a specific area.

Purified water is made by filtering through several comprehensive filtration processes like Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Filtration, Distillation, etc.

However, we include types of water such as mineral bottled water, flavor-added bottled water, filtered bottled water, and sterilized bottled water.

In that case, mineral bottled water has a fluoride addition of 0.32 ppm. For flavor-added bottled water, this value goes at 0.16 ppm.

And for the water in which no pre-fluoride is present, the companies add that they might have a 0.16 ppm quantity of fluoride in those water bottles.

What Is The Best Bottled Water With Fluoride?

Because you want to get a water bottle with the highest quantity of Fluoride, you should get the Arto Lifewtr bottled water.

Because on the label of this brand’s water bottle, they show a fluoride level of 2.4 ppm, which is really good.

It means you will have the maximum quantity of this content which is ultimately safe for your teeth and other cavity problems.

Is Fluoride Also Necessary For Small Babies In The Bottled Water?

As compared to younger children, they have more cavity problems. Their teeth are not very strong initially, so there are higher chances of a higher cavity spreading into them.

According to one study conducted by Scientists in the early 20th century, kids drinking more water with more fluoride are likely to experience fewer cavity problems.

Bottled water can be a fancy way of serving people with water. But as far as children’s oral health improvement is concerned, fluoride mixed drinking water is highly necessary for these little kids.

However, the toothpaste they use to clean their teeth has enough quantity of fluoride content in it.

Yet, making the additional fluoride supply available through tap or bottled water is always worth it. And it always improves the children’s teeth healthy.

What Is The Best Bottled Water With Fluoride For Babies?

For babies and to ensure that when they drink bottled water, enough fluoride shall reach them, you can buy bottled water from Dasani or Fiji.

These brands are highly reputed globally, with fluoride content levels of 0.07 and 0.2 ppm, respectively.

It means you are neither giving the excess amount of this content to your babies nor the minimum.

If fluoride in the water of your babies is something your baby doctor has recommended, then choosing bottled water from these brands will never let you down.

Which Bottled Water Has No Fluoride?

Even if it is important to add fluoride into the water bottles, some brands or companies do not even bother with it.

Below, I’ve added a list of brands that produce bottled water with no fluoride addition into it.

So, you should only refer to these water bottle brands if you want fluoride-free water.

  • Acqua Panna
  • Essentia
  • Real Canadian
  • Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water
  • Core
  • Icelandic Glacial
  • Smartwater

However, if you are still confused to find out whether these bottled water has fluoride in them or not, consider referring to their websites. You will get detailed information there.

How Fluoride Level Varies With Different Types Of Water?

As stated by the Fluoride Organization, fluoride content in bottled water is relatively lower than in other types of water.

Such types of water include rivers, springs, lakes, and streams. If freshwater is observed, it usually contains 0.05 ppm of fluoride content in it.

However, some companies make artificially fluoridated water which can be made by using some industrial grade Fluoride chemicals.

These chemicals increase the water ppm level up to 0.7 to 1.2 ppm, up to 24 times more than the natural and average water level.

It is how it varies differently between bottled water and natural water.

Final Thoughts:

To put this in simple words, most water bottle brands have fluoride content in their water as it is added to ensure extra safety as well as the freshness of water. When someone from us drinks that water, it helps to improve the cavity problems and tackle the weak teeth. So, I hope you’ve got the required information on today’s topic.

Your queries and suggestions are welcome. Have a nice day!


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