Metallic Smell From Hot Water Heater

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Metal from the heater leaks into your hot water if the taste is metallic. This is very harmful to your health and may even result in disease.

If you notice a metallic taste or odour in your water, you should immediately replace your water heater.

Why Does My Water Heater Smell Weird?

The most important and often used items in our homes are typically the ones most taken for granted. Water is essential to many of our daily routines.

Water is required for almost every aspect of our daily lives, from drinking & cooking to washing our hands and cleaning the home. Water that is filthy or smells terrible might be an annoyance, but it could also be dangerous to your health.

Your heater is a significant source of water problems in your house. Different problems, such as a malfunctioning water heater or a buildup of germs, might result in a bad water heater smell. This article will examine some of the most common sources of water heater odours.

What’s wrong with your water heater might be determined by its smell. For this, here are a few of the most common explanations:

Wrongly Wired

Electric water heaters are susceptible to shorts. Unwanted electrical connections may cause heat. The burning wire scent may be detectable if the hot water tank has this issue. If the wire’s coating melts, it may emit a noxious odour.

It’s not unusual for a water heater to go down out of the blue like this. If you notice an electrical issue with your water heater, don’t attempt to repair it on your own.

First, disconnect the water heater to avoid a fire or further damage. If a home warranty covers your water heater, you may file a claim. If you don’t have insurance, an expert technician may be brought in.

Leaks of Gas

Gas water heaters are susceptible to leaks, much like other gas-powered equipment. If you smell gas near the water heater, turn it off and call the authorities.

It is possible to release the gas to a home or machine if someone knows how. Take your time before tinkering with the software. Contact the warranty provider or a repairer to have your hot water tank repaired.

Sulfate-Producing Bacteria

Sulfur and rotten egg odours are common in many individuals’ water and water heaters. Sulfate microorganisms in the heater and the water system are responsible for this problem.

There may be a problem with your water system if you smell sulphur when cold water flows from the tap. If the smell is only present when using hot water, your water heater is most likely to blame.

Is Burnt Rubber Smell Harmful?

As a rule, this indicates that your heating system is infested with an intruder. A burning plastic or rubber item emits toxic gases that might be harmful to inhale. Stop your furnace or heater immediately if you detect burning plastic or rubber stench.

Suppose you cannot identify the cause of the issue after doing a comprehensive check of your heating system, vents, or ductwork. In that case, you should seek the assistance of a professional right once.

Misplaced objects aren’t as dangerous as the odour of burnt rubber or rubber. If you can’t figure out what’s making your heater smell, don’t turn it on.

Shower Water Smells Like Metal

Iron deficiency is common. Because the water contains a lot of iron, this is the most prevalent reason for Shower Water being metallic. Well-watered residences are particularly susceptible to this problem, although it may also occur in those that obtain their water from the city.

Other metals are present. The metallic taste of tap water isn’t only caused by iron.

Unhealthy amounts of ph. Your water may have a metallic taste if its pH level is too low, which is a common symptom of low pH.

Pipes of varying ages carry water. There is a chance that metals may leach into your water if your city’s treatment plant or distribution system is outdated (as is the case in many American cities). On the other hand, old copper pipes might contaminate the water in your house if they are still in use.

Metallic Smell From Hot Water Heater

Consider every time you’ve had a cup of coffee or tea and noticed that it had a metallic flavour to it. There’s never a good moment to do anything like this.

If the hot water has a metallic taste, your heater is likely leaking metal into the system. Illness may result from this, which is quite dangerous. If your water has a metallic taste or odour, it’s time to obtain a new water heater.

Water Heater Smells Like Burning Rubber

There are several reasons why your water heater may emit a burning-dust odour while it is running, including the accumulation of dust and other debris over time.

Clean the water heater regularly to get rid of dust and another debris buildup.


A metallic taste or smell may be a sign of a more severe problem if it does not go off on its own. Get your water analysed by an EPA-certified laboratory.

As a result, you’ll be able to identify and react to any potential pollutants. Alternatively, you may check your water’s pH to determine whether that’s the source of the problem.

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