How to recycle a Brita filter? (Ultimate Guide)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

The countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Germany & France have started recycling scheme of their used Brita filter.

Water filters from Brita are the best to offer you pure & clean drinking water. Unfortunately, Brita filters last for a short period; they must be replaced after two months.

Be conscious; don’t let the ecology litter; make the best use of your old filter by recycling it. But how to recycle a Brita filter is the burning question now.

Our write-up will answer this question also includes the recycling process of the above counties; & many more. Let’s dive in!

How do Brita filters get recycled?

Though Brita filters are a marvelous tool for eliminating water contamination, early replacement is the main week side.

Fortunately, Brita operates a recycling scheme along with TerraCycle. Basically, TerraCycle is specialized in recycling.

You just need to craft an old filter to TerraCycle at your native UPS for free. If you seem this process quite hard, search online to get out your nearest recycling plant; connect with them; there is an option to drift your Brita filter off.

However, here we enlist 2 methods of recycling Brita filter; let’s look on.

Method-1- Arrange the Filter for Recycling:

Step-1: Dry up your filter.

Clean up Brita filter before shipping permits it to dry at least 3 days after perfect cleaning. As the filter comes with a closed system, it is impossible to reach out by hand to dry. So Place it in a well-ventilated place to air dry.

Tip: It will be best if you leave it for 5-6 days to confirm perfect dryness.

Step-2: Dirt & germ cleaning:

Take a washed cloth to rub out dirt & germs from your filter surface. This step will help to prevent contamination while recycling it at the plant.

Tip: Stay away applying a damp cloth.

Step-3: Covering with a pliable bag:

Take a pliable bag to cover the filter; a standard pliable grocery bag will be best. Strap the handles at once to ensure security; if there is any over-plastic, just roll it around.

Tip: In case of multiple filters recycling, cover them separately.

Step-4- Enrolling in TerraCycle:

Go to Brita’s website; participate in Brita’s recycling scheme by singing up it. There exits an award-winning scope.

Enroll in the scheme by providing your personal data.

Whenever TerraCycle gets a box from you, Brita will offer you award receivable points. You can use this point to grant discounts while picking Brita products in the future.

If you don’t want to enroll in their scheme still, you can ship your old Brita to them.

Step-5- Packaging:

Pack the filter with a little cardboard box or a freighting box; collect the box from a native freighting store or post office. Then seal the box with tape.

Step-6- Labeling:

Cling the label on the cardboard box top site. Don’t write anything on the label.

Step-7- Dropping out the package:

Drift out the package to your closest UPS store. UPS will fright out the filter to TerraCycle.

Method-2- Recycling at a workshop:

If you want to TerraCycle, you can recycle to any recycling workshop near you. Just pack your filter, find any recycling workshop going online, and call them, confirm regarding your filter, hand over the filter if they allow. You are done!

How to Recycle Brita Filters in UK or Ireland:

As the headquarters of Brita’s are in Germany, it is quite easy to recycle Brita’s products in the UK. All over the UK, you will find a huge number of road retailers offering the retail recycling program of BRITA; Brita has made a partnership with them.

You only drift out your filter at these stores – concluding Boots and Argos.

Here are steps to follow:

  • Peep out the Brita recycle box commonly in blue color in your nearest outlets.

  • Better still directly call on 0844 742 4800 BRITACare.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in the USA?

Making partnership with Terracycle, Brita has made recycling so for all American customers and offers reward points.

Here are steps to follow:

  • Wizened your filter for at least 3 days.

  • Minimum 5 pounds of the Brita rubbish you need to collect.

  • Pack the trash in a box applying a garbage bag.

  • Print out your freighting tag; enclose the tag to the box.

  • Sent the box to the recycling scheme of TerraCycle.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in Canada?

Yup! The partnership of Terracycle & Brita is profitable to many. All the Canadian consumers of Brita are enjoying a great chance to recycle their old filters easily.

Here are steps to follow:

  • Firstly, go to & make a TerraCycle account & join the recycling-free scheme.

  • Put together all the waste of your Brita’s issue like Brita bottles, faucet systems, pitchers, filters, dispensers, and filter packaging. Take a box to pack all of them.

  • Download a UPS freighting tag for free from TerraCycle account.

  • Through email, you will get it; print out and securely attach the tag onto your box.

  • Call 1-800-742-5877 to set a pick-up day or drift off the box to your closest UPS location.

  • A good chance of getting 100 points from TerraCycle for 1 pound of waste. These points can be donated to any charitable institution or a single person if you choose. This will assist the needy one who requires clean water.

How to recycle a Brita filter in Australia?

Brita Australia always prays in their careful steps for environmental impact, but it is quite frustrating news! There is no recycling programmer for Australian consumers.

It’s not absolute; a conscious Australian lady has begun appealing to Brita to enhance their recycling. However, due to low customer interest, Brita refused to do this.

Later the petition was stopped as it required around 10000 signs but only 53received.

But the “kerbside recycling program” is the best option for Australians to recycle their filters. Obviously , it’s best to protect the environment.

 How to Recycle Brita Filters in France & German?

As we stated above, the headquarters of Brita’s are in Germany; it is simple enough to recycle Brita’s products in France & Germany.

Here are steps to follow:

  • Better to call customer help center on ( 0800 – 500 18 18)

  • Or, go to in order to get out your nearest dealer.

  • The third option is to drift your boxes to any participating shop of Brita’s recycling scheme.

How to recycle Brita water filter cartridges:

BRITA is quite obliged to fulfill their special responsibility towards the environment, concentrating on natural resources.

The study expressed that Brita recycled almost 1.2 million cartridges in the UK in, 2011; targeting to enhance that number in the future.

Here are the steps they follow:

  • The Recycling departments of BRITA scrap the cartridges and also isolate filtering elements from the plastic exhibition. All the parts of cartridges can be totally remodeled and recycled.

  • They clean up all the plastic elements before the grind. Then the ground plastic is sent to the plastics producer for using their renewed processing.

  • The regenerating & separating line of BRITA separates ion exchangers & activated carbon from the filtering cartridge.

  • They resent activated carbon to the manufacturer to use again.

  • BRITA keeps ion exchangers to them; while they are mastered to a 100% regeneration exercise in time of the ion exchangers regain the total capability in a chain of nursing coursing stages.

  • After-treatment Thermal offers security 100 % hygienic purity again.

  • After finishing the procedure, the resin ion exchanger maintains all the expected functions, quality, and hygienic terms like a fresh & brand new ion exchanger.

  • These new ion exchangers have to pass both internal & external examinations then apply for water filters again.

How to recycle a Brita filter pitcher?

A maximum of Brita bottles and pitchers are created using #1 plastic (PET) or #2 plastic (HDPE); manufacturers gladly accept this kind of plastic for their recycling programs.

Area-wide, Preserve grants a fresh life to old Brita pitchers if you send it to them. Thus Preserve, or different recycling companies make toothbrushes, cups, or a cutting board using an old pitcher.

Also, kitchenware and or personal caring utensil are created using these Brita pitcher filters. Hence you can donate it to fulfill needy people’s requirements.

Can you put Brita filters in the recycle bin?

Yup! You can, but it will be wise if you participate Brita recycling scheme or drop your old one at any retailer shop recycle box partner with Brita. 

Advantage of Recycling:

  • Save ecosystems also biology.

  • Preserve natural wealth.

  • Protect over contamination of land, air & water.

  • Save energy.

Which products of Brita are recyclable?

Among different products of Brita the following items are recyclable:

  • Brita dispensers

  • Brita pitchers.

  • Filter packaging

  • Stream pitchers

Final verdict:

It is crucial to leave a green & pollution-free earth for our future generations; congratulations to Brita to enhance their recycling program.

Numerous countries are now allowing simple steps to recycle used water filters & plastics. Hence this may be a more eco-friendly option.

So all of us should contribute a bit to save the planet by recycling our old filters or turning them into a useful one.

Enjoy plastic pollution-free landfills.

Warm regards!

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