How To Open Water Filter Without Wrench? (Step By Step)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Is the water filter jammed up? In little time at all, those obstinate screws will be freed. Here are six things you can do. What do these all have in standard, stubborn screws, stiff jar lids, and pressured bottle caps? They’re always up for a challenge!

Consumers and end-users have been frustrated by parts that are difficult to twist or open since the invention of all-purpose packaging and metal tooling. Some screws won’t come out, no matter how many hacks and techniques have been developed over the years to make this simpler.

This may be pretty inconvenient when attempting to change or repair a water filter, only to discover it securely held in place by such Superman-like chunks of metal.

Then then, don’t give up yet. If you’re having trouble loosening screws on your water filter, we’ve compiled a list of tips and methods to help you get back on track. As a bonus, they can all be done using household items.

Get Rid of Some Paint

Screws on water filter items may be painted over to make them more attractive and consistent in color. The difficulty is that the paint might serve as an adhesive in rare instances, making it almost impossible to remove the screws.

When in doubt, use a sharp tool to gently peel back some paint in which the screw joins the water filter’s body if you don’t mind repainting. Check the appliance for evidence of significant damage, such as cracks.

Heat the Area

You may use the rules of thermodynamics to your benefit. Have you heard of the pickle jar opening hack? To open the metal lid, just set it in a pot of simmering water for a few minutes, which should pop right off. Screws in your filtration system are the same.

If your freshwater filter is clogged, you might attempt to release the screws by soaking them in hot water. The screw will shrink as it cools, making it simpler to remove as it expands under the influence of heat. Keep an eye on the surrounding plastic while using a blowtorch!

Put Some Rubber On It

To remove a stubborn screw, you need to have a firm grasp on it. In addition, screwdrivers are intended to fit bolt heads precisely, although this isn’t always sufficient. The screw might be damaged and more difficult to remove if you keep rotating it in the wrong direction.

To make the screwdriver more grippy and more straightforward to remove, try sandwiching a piece of rubber between both the screw and the screw head. In addition to extending the life of the screw head, doing so prevents it from dulling.

To Attach a Nut, Glue It

That is, in fact, correct. If none of the other options work for you, a hexagonal nut may be superglued on the screw head. This will allow you to use various tools and methods to remove the water filter’s screw. A hexagonal wrench is required for this method to function. 

Which Direction To Unscrew A Water Filter 

The mnemonic “Lefty loosey, righty tighty” is widely used to assist people in remembering which way to unscrew a water filter when replacing a whole-house filter for the first time.

When it comes to threaded objects, this mnemonic might be used.

Things that are threaded may be relaxed or tightened by rotating them to the left or right. In the same way, as water filter enclosures are also thread, that terminology is also relevant to them. Keeping this in mind will ensure that you know why during filter replacements.

Water Filter Wrench Size Chart

Choose the appropriate filter-housing wrench from the alternatives provided below to get the job done. To guarantee that you acquire the proper size, print out a duplicate of the most comparable wrench photos and compare them to your present tool or filter housing.

Flowmatic2.5″ X 9.75″
CulliganHF-150, HF-160, HF-360, HF-365
Pentek Big Blue2.5″ X 20″ 

Adjustable Water Filter Wrench

An adjustable filtration-housing wrench to be used with filtration systems from A. O. Smith and other prominent manufacturers. It may not seem that an adjustable filtration-housing wrench is a necessary piece of equipment.

This is one of many items in your toolkit that goes ignored too frequently. It may, however, assist you in escaping unfavorable circumstances. 

The adjustable filtration-housing wrench is helpful for a wide range of home tasks. Almost everything cylinder may be made with it: knobs, pipelines, etc. You can also unscrew jar lids with your strap wrench. It doesn’t require a lot of effort, making it even more convenient.


It is irritating to have a screw that’s too tight to turn. Furthermore, it makes any repairs or replacements very difficult. This is ideal for blistering hands as long as you don’t know how to utilize this handy collection of tips and techniques.

Begin by using what you have had at home and see where you go from there. There’s no need to go and spend money you don’t have.

To avoid damaging your water filter or, worse, hurting you, use great caution while using the more forceful methods. If you’re having trouble taking out a stubborn screw, remember that it’s a matter of science and that using force should only be used as a last option.

Instead, try using small, precise motions. Safety should always come first; please execute these suggested remedies with care.

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