Best bottled water for kidneys (Ultimate Guide)

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Written By John Roe Stephen

Did you know that ingesting too much potassium is life-threatening? Several studies have stated that potassium is great only if intake is balanced. However, it could turn life-threatening if too much potassium is ingested. Now you must wonder why on earth anybody would ingest too much potassium.

A simple answer to this puzzle is that the water we drink is filled with loads of minerals and vitamins, among which potassium plays a big role in its composition. Since we drink purified mineral water, we should take care of the levels of potassium we take through them. Moreover, bottled water brands are focusing on this very phenomenon, and you will read about it further in this article.

Keep on reading below to know best-bottled water brands that are good for your kidney’s health.

Top 10 List of bottled water for kidneys 2020/2021/2022

Best kind of water that you can consume for a healthy kidney is mineral water. Since it is filled with so many minerals and electrolytes as well as vitamins too, it’s value increases inside your body. One must inculcate mineral water in their lifestyle.

AquafinaFijiFiji Artesian Water
NestleVossAcqua Panna
DanoneEthosEvian Natural spring water
Glaceau Smart WaterAcqua PannaPerfect Hydration
Poland SpringPentaNestle Pure life purified water
Fiji WaterEssentiaHint Water
OzarkaGlaceau Smart waterIcelandic glacial water
PerrierCore HydrationLIFEWTR
EvianIce MountainPoland Spring Origin.

Top 10 best-bottled water for kidneys of all time

Some studies have stated that your heart, muscles and even nerves need some amount of potassium to work, whereas a normal blood potassium level stands between 3.6 to 5.2 millimoles per litre. If it goes any higher than that, then you may have to get treatment as soon as possible.

Therefore, drinking water with low potassium levels becomes very important. Below is a list of 10 bottled water that contains little to no potassium levels:

1. Mountain Valley Spring Water

  • Ouachita Mountains are the hub for mountain Valley spring water.

  • Water is free of sodium and has a crisp taste and feel.

  • Healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium are present in abundance, and potassium is also present in water.

  • pH of this water is 7.7, which is slightly alkaline and considered almost neutral.

  • Balanced acidity means that this water can detoxify your body from toxins and also helps in neutralizing acidity of the body.

  • Acidity neutralization leads to the formation of new tissue and cell.

NameMountain Valley Springwater
Natural Electrolytes/Minerals natural electrolytes and minerals
ProsNSF certified
Safety InformationNSF certification
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney stones/pain

2. Voss

  • Southern Norway region is the hub for VOSS water which contains 1mg of potassium and has a pH of 6.

  • Aquifer water is sharp in taste and ideal for rejuvenating your body.

  • Since, TDS level of this water is low, it becomes ideal as pure water.

  • However, mineral levels are low because TDS levels is less than usual, which do not matter since they hardly have any benefits on one’s health. In addition, some minerals like fluoride and potassium should be devoid as they are better off away from one’s body and have nothing good to add.

Cost$2.4 – $3
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsMinerals, naturals occurring electrolyte
ProsBPA free, mineral-rich
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

3. Nestle Pure Life

  • Nestle pure life water derives its water from municipal taps, which are filtered through the carbon filtering process.

  • Elements such as chlorine and toxic chemicals are removed from this water with this procedure.

  • This mineral water is even free of magnesium but does contain sodium in about 2.2. to 4.7 mg since it is a negligible amount.

  • Addition of sodium bicarbonate and calcium chloride brings about a crispy flavour.

NameNestle Pure Life
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsMinerals added such as sodium, calcium etc.
ProsFree of potassium, FDA
ConsNothing found yet
Safety InformationNA
Legal DisclaimerNone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

4. Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji, maintaining its brand name is popular because:

  • Fiji is known to carry some amount of Silica which allows building a strong  immunity of the body facilitate a healthy system and increases ability of the body to heal wounds.

  • Since the water is derived from underground aquifer, it is devoid of impurities and acid rain, further proving a unique ecosystem in its composition.

  • One must inculcate this water in their daily regime to improve their health conditions.

  • pH of this water is 7.4, which means it is slightly alkaline.

NameFIJI natural Artesian
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNatural electrolytes like sodium, calcium, silica
ProsObtained from an artesian aquifer
Safety InformationContains 1 Gm of Potassium
Legal DisclaimerNot approved by FDA and does not prevent or treat any health condition
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

5. Evian

Some benefits of the Evian water are:

  • With a naturally balanced composition, the pH of this water brand is 7.2.

  • Evian does contain 1 mg of potassium and follows a natural filtration process happening naturally.

  • This water brand has no purification procedure to follow and no minerals to add since they are directly derived from nature.

  • It even has minerals in the form of electrolytes.

Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNaturally occurring minerals and electrolytes
ProsBPA free, Tastes great at room temp. and has neutral pH levels
Safety InformationBPA free
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney stones /pain

6. Waiakea

Let’s talk about some characteristics of Waiakea below:

  • Since it’s derived from the Mauna Loa Volcano, it does contain potassium in a 1 mg amount. The water is purely alkaline in nature.

  • It also has 0.1mg of magnesium and0.5 mg of Silica; however, this amount is the correct amount required by the body.

  • Uniqueness in its taste, it has been improvised with the addition of minerals and electrolytes to accentuate positive features to this pure water brand

  • pH of this water brand is 7, i.e., neutral in nature.

Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNatural minerals
ProsFilteration process, alkaline water sourced from Mauna Loa Volcano
ConsContains potassium
Safety InformationIt contains 1mg of potassium and 0.5 mg of Silica
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

7. Aquafina

Aquafina, as a popular brand, has some features like,

  • No potassium is found in this water as it is pure in nature.

  • There are no artificial additives in the water, and it is free from fluoride even though it’s not spring water.

  • Aquafina is a popular brand which makes use of public water sources that are made to go through a 7-step process of filtration and purification.

  • With a pH of 5.1, water is filtered and has no salts or minerals, but the taste and quality remain intact.

Cost$2 – $6
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNA
ProsUses 7-step purification
Safety InformationPotassium free, fluoride-free, no artificial additives
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

8. Smartwater

Features of this bottled water brand are:

  • Glacial water of the Glaceau company is also known as the best water for sports since it goes through vapour-distillation and has absolutely no potassium.

  • Vapour distillation follows a natural hydrologic cycle, which takes place during rain.

  • Heat is also used to vaporize water into vapours, filter it and then reteam their molecules. Filtration also gets rid of dissolved solids and debris. When these vapour cools, water returns to its original state of liquid.

  • pH is 9, and it is alkaline in nature with a crisp taste.

Natural Electrolytes/MineralsSodium, potassium, along with other electrolytes were added for taste
Pros Balanced form of electrolytes, natural spring water
Safety InformationVapour distilled water
Legal DisclaimerNone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

9. Just Water

Let us talk about some features of just water:

  • It is spring water, alkaline in nature, with a potassium level of 1 mg and a pH of 8.

  • Packaging and bottling is done with material made from plant-based material, which does not hamper the taste of the water.

  • Such mineral water is pure and filled with minerals from the mountain, Glenn Falls.

  • Minerals like calcium and magnesium elevate the taste of the water into a crisp and delicious taste.

NameJUST water
Cost$1 to $17 for a 17 oz carton
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsNaturally occurring electrolytes are present in the spring water.
ProsBPA free, Recyclable boxes and plant-based bottles
Consperish on delivery
Safety InformationPlant-based, BPA free
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

10. AQUAhydrate Electrolyte Enhanced Water

Some important features of Aqua hydrate are:

  • They are calorie, potassium and sugar-free and a great water choice for individuals.

  • Water is purified by following a three-step process which leads to additions of natural electrolytes.

  • They send the water through a UV filter to treat it which removes impurities and dissolved solids from the water.

  • Aquahydrate contains 72 minerals types and is an invention for those who are looking to add pro-activeness to their lives.

  • Water tastes great, and with a pH of 9,  body’s alkalinity level is brought to balance.

NameAqua hydrate
Natural Electrolytes/MineralsIt is filled with natural electrolytes such as magnesium, chloride, sodium etc.
ProsRestores alkalinity levels in the body, Ultra-purified from a 3-step purification process
Safety InformationPotassium free, calorie-free, sugar-free
Legal Disclaimernone
  Best forKidney disease / stones / transplant patients /pain

Is purified water good for kidneys?

Since purified water is free of potassium, purified water is ideal for drinking as it helps to keep the kidneys healthy. Although, why is potassium so dangerous for human consumption? Well, a high dose of potassium leads to hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia is the condition of an abnormal amount of potassium in one’s body which hampers functioning of the kidneys. Potassium is very dangerous for

  • People with cardiovascular diseases, Coronary artery disease, diabetes and hypertension and even kidney dysfunction.

  • Individuals who have been prescribed medications, especially for potassium.

Potassium is toxic because it could even lead to heart failure as it stops the kidney from filtering toxins out of one’s body. Now this happens because if potassium is present in an abnormal amount, small deposits starr infilterating kidney and doesn’t let the blood from flowing.

Therefore, mineral water is no doubt a great way to avoid potassium from being collected in kidney and maintain its health. Not just that, mineral water is a great way of taking electrolytes and minerals as well as vitamins in the body. Sometimes, electrolytes are present in flatforms of minerals.

Doctors recommend that you should intake at least 1.5 litres of water a day and increase the amount if you’re involved in some physical activity.


Keeping your kidney healthy and happy is essential since it will dictate the course of your life as the kidney plays a very significant role in removing impurities and toxins from your body. In addition, keeping your kidney potassium free is important as the accumulation of potassium can lead to life-threatening diseases.

Therefore, limiting the intake of potassium becomes important and drinking pure mineral water has never been much more important. Therefore, turning to bottled water is not a bad idea, and this article is filled with the best brands which are easily available to you in the nearest stores. A healthy body and mind is so important that can be controlled if a person’s eats and drinks well. Similarly, mineral water is great for facilitating this healthy behaviour.

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